You can upload apps (APK or IPA files) to the policy console, apply selected policies, and make the apps available to mobile device users. This set of API calls outlines the process:

Upload an app:

  • POST app-market/upload—uploads the app, whether or not the app already exists in the system.
  • POST app-market/upload-no-replace—checks first to see if an app with the same package name already exists in the system. If not, the upload continues just as it would for POST app-market/upload.
  • POST app-market/upload-commit/{packageName}/{platform}/{blobId}—confirms the upload. Use this API call when an app in the system has the same package name as the uploaded app and POST app-market/upload-no-replace requires confirmation.

Select a policy:

Create a profile:

Select a profile:

Secure and sign the app:

  • POST app-market/policy—applies the policies and profiles you specify to the app, including code-signing.

Download the secured app:

The following sections provide details and examples of how to secure apps using the REST APIs.