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A new profile for the Compass Browser.


Creates a new profile for Compass. The browser profile contains the configuration information for Compass and references the website icons that are displayed in the browser for each website.

When you create a new browser profile, you must enter the browser data as a string. The string contains the settings for the browser and references the location of the icons for the websites.

You have two options for uploading website icon files to the policy console:

  • Use this API call and reference the location of the icon files with the parameter "site_icon[0]". See example below for details.
  • Use POST settings/website-icon to upload the icon files and then reference the location of the icon files in this API call.

After the icons have been uploaded to the policy console, you can also update or change the icon files using GET profile/mocana-browser/{GUID}/zip to obtain the existing icon files and then use POST profile/mocana-browser/{GUID} to upload the changed icons and or configuration settings.

After you create a browser profile, you can download it as:


profileNameRequired. A unique name for the profile. The profileName cannot match the profileName assigned to any other VPN profile.
profileDescRequired. A description for the profile. Default: an empty string.

Required. The data for customizing the Compass Browser in a JSON format. The data is associated with the POLICY_CODE_MOCANA_BROWSER policy, which is a required policy that must be secured with the Compass Browser.

The data includes the display of the navigation bar, device toolbar, the color of the browser, the title of the Launcher page for the browser, and the web app sites that a user can securely access. All parameters are specified in a <name>:<value> pair except for the sites parameter, which represents an array of name-value pairs of parameters for the multiple web app sites.

Valid values: filename or JSON string.

For a list of the available parameters for browser profile data and how to configure them, see Browser Configuration profiles (API).


Optional. Sets the first HTML page that Compass displays when a new tab is opened. If no URL value is provided for this parameter, by default, a new tab will open to the Launcher page.

Valid values: Accepts a URL.

site_icon[ ]

Required for each web site, unless the icon files are provided in a file.

An array of icons associated with the websites that are displayed in the initial Compass Browser screen. 

You can specify a number for a website using square brackets, such as site_icon[0], site_icon [1], etc. If you do not specify a number and use empty square brackets, the policy console assigns the respective site icons to the websites in the order you listed them. 

Note: If a website defined in the browser_profile_data does not have a specified site_icon, the policy console default_site icon is used. 

Valid values: Must be a standard PNG file.


In this example request for creating a browser profile, the data for the browser settings and the icons for the websites are entered as a string:

Note: The \ character breaks a long command line into several lines for readability. The shell interprets this as a single line.


curl -b c.txt -c c.txt -X POST \
 -F profileName="Newest Compass Browser profile for part-time employees" \
 -F profileDesc="Newest Compass Browser profile for part-time employees to access payroll information" \
 -F site_icon[0]=@icons/Executives.png \
 -F site_icon[1]=@icons/Finance.png \
 -F site_icon[2]=@icons/IT_Admin.png \
 -F browser_profile_data='{"allow_history":true,"theme_color":15674157,"allow_url_entry":true, \
    "title":"Part-Time Employees","sites":[ {"icon_id":"","name":"Execs - Basic authentication",
    {"icon_id":"","name":"Finance Digest","url":"https://abel.mocana.local/digest/","allow_close":true,
    "id":"db6dee27-e85c-4a49-9973-6dd0661be24c"},{"icon_id":"","name":"Mobile Users Sharepoint",

The resulting JSON shows a new profile_id for the Compass Browser, a new icon_id and icon_url for each website that was specified in the API request:


  "message": "",
  "profiles": {
    "data": {
      "profile_data": {
        "allow_bookmarks": true,
        "allow_email": true,
        "allow_history": true,
        "allow_search": true,
        "allow_url_entry": true,
        "sites": [
            "allow_close": true,
            "icon_id": "4bbe90aa-98d6-4521-a7cc-50ca7ce569d0",
            "icon_url": "",
            "id": "f0256796-ca71-41c2-b9bb-42fd7b3b0c4b",
            "name": "Execs - Basic authentication",
            "url": "https://abel.mocana.local/basic/"
            "allow_close": true,
            "icon_id": "6fdd61f2-68f5-4c54-b9aa-7a882d7e4892",
            "icon_url": "",
            "id": "de78a456-91ea-42fa-866b-ad1580ed62a9",
            "name": "Finance - Digest",
            "url": "https://abel.mocana.local/digest/"
            "allow_close": true,
            "icon_id": "8b3648f8-8d12-4ac2-9605-4ee05d1b3def",
            "icon_url": "",
            "id": "b9218a30-c837-4aa6-a954-35576df185a7",
            "name": "Mobile Users - Sharepoint",
            "url": ""
        "theme_color": 15674157,
        "title": "Part-Time Employees"
      "profile_data_id": "2aac22cc-310e-4f79-b623-4f5231823d0a",
      "profile_data_stamp": "2014-05-12 22:48:38.0"
    "profile_desc": "Newest Compass Browser profile for part-time employees to access payroll information",
    "profile_id": "cbaa3bff-0585-4d60-8474-eb2b1d9c7cc8",
    "profile_name": "Newest Compass Browser profile for part-time employees",
    "profile_type": "browser",
    "profile_url": ""
  "status": "OK"
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