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Tracking system events and app info

Policy console events

The policy console logs the major events, including:

  • Apps uploaded to the console
  • Policy configuration changes to an app
  • Policies that were applied to an app
  • SmartLink configuration downloads

To view the system events:

In the console, click Support.

Click Audit system events.

The System Audit screen includes many tools for filtering for the data that you want to view.

Note: Upload events where the console automatically uploads an app (for example, Compass) show "Policy Console" for the user and a blank IP address.

App information

The policy console keeps information about an app, including:

  • App information (app name, package name, platform, and secured app size)
  • Policy information (policies and profiles most recently applied)
  • Upload information (original filename, size, and date of upload)
  • Update log (most recent activity, who and when)
  • Version information (app version, internal app version, and policy console version)

To see this information:

In the console, click Apps.

Choose Android or iOS, then choose the specific app.

Click Additional Information in the left column.

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