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Approval step

Use the Approval step to assign users to approve or reject the progress of the workflow run. Unlike other steps, Approval is available within any workflow stage, as many times as needed. For example you can use an Approval step to pause a workflow so that a separate compliance team can perform a security audit, and then later on add a second Approval step to allow a separate team to perform a user privacy compliance audit.

  • Setup
  • App Enhancement
  • Testing
  • Production

Using this step in a workflow

In the workflow builder for your app:

  • Add the stage and other desired steps.
  • Add the Approval step.

Click on the options gear icon next to Approval in the workflow outline. 

  • Select the users who must verify the stage is complete.

When the workflow gets to the approval step:

  • The Platform sends email to users on the Approval List to let them know that the app is ready to approve.
  • The Dashboard > Deployment Workflow widget shows that the workflow is waiting on Approval.
  • The assigned approver can click Approval in the Deployment Workflow widget to go to the Deployment Status page, then confirm whether the workflow run can continue. 
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