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Blue Cedar Platform Release Notes - March 26, 2021

Blue Cedar Platform 5.1.1

Blue Cedar No-code Integration - BlackBerry Enhancements

GD App ID Automation

Every BlackBerry application must have a unique identifier, known as the GD App ID. This identifier is used within BlackBerry-specific contexts and is independent of any Android package names or iOS bundle identifiers. The GD App ID is automatically derived when adding the BlackBerry step to the App Enhancement stage of a workflow. By default, the Blue Cedar Platform generates this ID based on your organization name, and also includes the App name and workflow stage, for example com.bluecedar.myapp01.appenhancement. You can override the default and specify your own GD App ID.

What do I need to do?

You don't need to change any existing workflows that already include BlackBerry no-code integration. This change is only relevant for workflows where you're adding or editing a BlackBerry step in the App Enhancement workflow stage. 

  • You can override the default GD App ID when adding or editing a BlackBerry step in the App Enhancement stage of a workflow.  See No-Code Integration - BlackBerry.

  • You can use the new BlackBerry Dynamics no-code integration extension to override the root part of the default GD App ID (that is, com.orgname ) for future workflow runs. See Extension - BlackBerry Dynamics for information about configuring the extension as well as GD App IDs in general.

The GD App ID won't affect anything until a BlackBerry UEM step in Testing or Production stage. At that point, the organization domain portion of the GD App ID must match what's configured in your BlackBerry UEM target. 

Rebranded login page

The Blue Cedar Platform has a new login page, and you can access it directly from The login process works the same as before.

Platform Resolved issues




BCP-5958, BCP-5959

Added a new extension category for No-Code Integration and a new extension interface for the No-Code Integration Service for BlackBerry. The BlackBerry Dynamics extension is enabled for all users by default. Users can configure this extension to customize a root GD App ID as described above. See Extension - BlackBerry Dynamics for more information.


Added the ability to include the BlackBerry Launcher library by selecting Launcher in the App Enhancement BlackBerry step of a workflow.





Updated the design of the login screen for the Blue Cedar Platform.

Note that the login screen also includes an option to log into the previous Blue Cedar Platform product.


Users can now rename the app in the breadcrumbs at the top of the app versions screen.


Fixed an issue that prevented App-Ray activity and reports from being displayed, even though the workflow containing the App-Ray step ran successfully.

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