Use no-code integration to add BlackBerry Dynamics functionality to a mobile app. BlackBerry Dynamics customers can manage new apps without waiting for internal development cycles. Add enterprise management and control to apps without needing access to the source code of the mobile app and integrate the BlackBerryDynamics SDK.

PrerequisitesBlackBerry Dynamics licensing
StageApp Enhancement

Using this step in a workflow

In the workflow builder for your app:

  • Add the App Enhancement stage
  • Add the BlackBerry step to the workflow.
  • Click on the options gear icon next to BlackBerry in the workflow outline. Configure the options:




    Select the Override option to use a custom GD App ID and GD App Version 

    GD App ID

    BlackBerry entitlement ID for BlackBerry UEM. The Blue Cedar Platform derives a default value from your organization name, app name, and workflow stage name, as in com.organization_name.app_name.stage_name.

    This ID must be in reverse domain format and must not contain upper case letters. The entitlement ID cannot begin with com.good, com.blackberry, com.rim, or net.rim.

    GD App VersionBlackBerry app entitlement version from BlackBerry UEM.
    Enable App ConfigEnable this option to use the BlackBerry UEM to configure app management for apps written to standards. (Optional.)
    Enable Launcher

    The BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher appears as the blue BlackBerry icon located in your BlackBerry Dynamics apps. It allows users to switch quickly between the BlackBerry Dynamics app that is currently open and any other BlackBerry Dynamics apps on your device.

    Enable this option to include the BlackBerry Launcher library when integrating the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK.

    Enable Persona

    BlackBerry Persona collects data from BlackBerry Dynamics apps, determines a user's current risk level, and then takes action to adapt device and app behavior to that level of risk. For example, if a user's current risk level is high, BlackBerry Persona can limit the user's access to work apps and disable certain device features.

    This option is enabled by default. For more information, see Integrating BlackBerry Dynamics features with Blue Cedar Platform.