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Certificate Pinning

Certificate pinning is an important piece of a multi-layered security strategy for mobile apps to help mitigate man the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks. Mobile devices are vulnerable to attacks due to their reliance on wireless networks and cellular data connections, which can be easily intercepted by attackers. By using certificate pinning, mobile app developers can add an extra layer of security to their apps and protect users from potential security breaches.

The configuration settings are shown in the App Enhancement / Blue Cedar Enforce / Runtime Protection / Certificate section of the workflow builder:

  • Domain Pinning & Trust is used for restricting use of certificates and public keys and binding them to specific domains.

  • Global Certificate Trust used for an integrated app needing additional SSL/TLS certificates that are not part of the Global Trust stores of the OS. This enables the establishment of an SSL connection with the servers it needs to access.

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