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Global Certificate Trust

An integrated app can use additional SSL/TLS certificates which are not included in the Global Trust stores of the OS to establish an SSL connection with the servers it needs to access.

This would be applicable if your organization is using a self signed certificates or a private Certificate Authority.



Add Certificate

  • Select a certificate or certificate bundle file on your computer. The Platform will add that certificate(s) as an additional certificate(s) for client trust.

  • The Common Name on the certificate will be shown. You can click on this name to view details about the certificate.

  • Expiration - displays the certificate expiration date. If a certificate is expired you will see the date in red and a warning icon.


The small options icon button next to the certificate contains additional actions:

  • Download - download the certificate.

  • Delete - delete the certificate.

Note: All certificates or keys will be parsed and added if the PEM files contains multiple certs or keys

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