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Code Obfuscation

Currently this feature is only available for Android apps.

Code obfuscation is a collection of techniques that modify makes a piece of software more difficult for an attacker to understand and reverse engineer. It is often associated with tools that do various types of code optimization, making it a closely related topic.

Code obfuscation can be done at a variety of different points in the lifecycle of an app. This is especially true for an app being enhanced by Blue Cedar, as there are steps in the process of that app reaching its end-users that may not exist otherwise. For a Blue Cedar enhanced app, code obfuscation can be applied:

  • By Blue Cedar to its own code during the app enhancement process

  • By a third-party to Blue Cedar / app code after the app enhancement process

Using Blue Cedar Code Obfuscation

Blue Cedar’s app enhancement process involves Blue Cedar’s code being injected into a mobile app. If configured, the Blue Cedar Platform app enhancement process will execute code obfuscation on Blue Cedar code prior to integrating into the the mobile app.

The configuration settings are shown in the App Enhancement / Blue Cedar Enforce / App Protection:



Enable code obfuscation (Android Only)

If checked, code obfuscation is enabled for Blue Cedar code in the Android app.

Using Third Party Code Obfuscation

If you are going to choose to use a third party code obfuscation tool then you will need to provide that tool with a Proguard Mapping file for the Blue Cedar code that has been added during the integration process and listed in the App Folders Binary Info, Associated Files section.

When a mobile app is integrated with the Blue Cedar Enhance service, a Proguard Mapping file is generated and stored with the the other workflow assets that are produced. These can be found App Folders Binary Info page, Associated Files section.

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