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Distribution - Manual App Download

The Manual App Download step is where you can manually publish the app to your distribution mechanism and add the iOS mobile provisioning profile. 


Signed app

  • Testing
  • Production

Using this step in a workflow

The Manual App Download step is available in the Testing and Production Stages if you want to manually distribute the app.   When the app is ready for download, the Binary link will appear in the step.  Click on the link to get the binary details and to download the app locally from the pulldown icon on the top right side.  

In the workflow builder for your app:

  • Add the Testing or Production stage.
  • Add the Manual App Download step to each relevant stage.



Mobile Provisioning Profile

iOS only. Optional, but recommended. Provisioning profiles are matched to your distribution certificate and allow you to create apps that your users can run on their devices. Providing the provisioning profile here allows the Blue Cedar Platform to better validate your workflow.

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