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Viewing activity logs

The Blue Cedar Platform records all app and workflow activities. Activity logs provide verifiable evidence about what actions have been performed, including participants, times, dates, and actions related to a particular app. These records help you coordinate tasks across team members, confirm that activities were performed as expected, and identify errors.

Activity logs are available at the app level. From the App List, select an app. In the left sidebar, there is a list of activity logs.

Blue Cedar activity log

This log lists all the activity around this app. You can take these actions:

  • Export the table to a PDF or CSV file
  • View only Android or iOS app binary events
  • Filter on event types
  • Select a time span

The log includes these details:

Event Type

​Activity around the app or a specific app binary, for example:

  • Create
  • Upload
  • Scan (the initial processing of a new app binary)
  • Download
  • Update
  • Replace

The event with the specific app binary or the whole app, for example:

  • Updated app-name
  • Uploaded app-binary
PlatformIcon representing Apple or Android
StatusIcon representing any issues related to that event.
TimestampDate and time for that event

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