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About the CLI modes

The gateway CLI has two running modes that are similar to other industry-standard server management products: operational and configuration.

In operational mode the CLI has the commands to:

  • Set the CLI's session parameters
  • Display the gateway's operational data using the "show" commands to monitor the performance of the gateway
  • Enter the configure mode

In configuration mode the CLI has the commands to:

  • Set the configurable data of the gateway
  • View operational data at any time by issuing the appropriate "show" command.

To see more details about the operational and configuration modes, see CLI Command Reference and About the CLI navigation.

Documentation conventions

Most CLI commands are only valid in one mode—operational or configuration. The command prompt used in examples indicates what mode is required. (Your prompt may vary, depending on the shell you're using.)

  • The > prompt indicates operational mode. 
  • The % prompt indicates configuration mode.
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