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Point the DNS to the Active Directory server

To point the Blue Cedar Connect Gateway's Domain Name Server (DNS) to the IP address of the Active Directory server:

% set system dns domain name search domain_name nameserver1 IP_address nameserver2 IP_address

domain nameName of the domain where the AD server is located
search domain_nameDomain name that the gateway's DNS server searches for when connecting to the AD server
nameserver1 IP_address and  nameserver2 IP_addressIP addresses of the DNS servers that the AD server uses

This example shows the gateway's DNS server configured for the domain of the AD server (, the domain name to search for (, and the IP address of the DNS server for the AD server (

dns {

The value for the dns nameserver address can be a Windows Server or Linux server as long as it is configured to use Service (SRV) records. An SRV record specifies data in the Domain Name System that defines the location of servers for specified services (such as the hostname and port number of the server).

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