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Blue Cedar Platform Enforce upgrade comparison

Customers are encouraged to migrate from using the Blue Cedar's On-Premises and Hosted Platform to using the Blue Cedar Platform and the No-Code Integration Service for Blue Cedar Enforce. 

Blue Cedar's On-Premises and Hosted Platform, also known as the Policy Console, was primarily designed to add security policies to mobile apps using Blue Cedar's no-code integration technology.

The new Blue Cedar Platform is a value stream management platform focused on streamlining and optimizing mobile app deployments. To facilitate this, the Blue Cedar Platform offers a number of deployment services. The No Code Integration Service for Blue Cedar Enforce is an example of a deployment service available through the Blue Cedar Platform. 

After you have enable the No-Code Integration Service for Enforce, you will have access to the Enforce step for use in a workflow. The Enforce step will be available within an App Enhancement stage. Most of the policy features of Blue Cedar's Policy Console are offered as  sub-steps of the Enforce step. Sub-steps of the Enforce step in the Blue Cedar Platform have a different on-screen organization from Blue Cedar's Policy Console. The table below maps policy features of Blue Cedar' Policy Console to sub-steps for the No-Code Integration Service for Blue Cedar Enforce in the Blue Cedar Platform. 

Policy in Blue Cedar's Policy ConsoleCorresponding No-Code Integration for Blue Cedar Enforce sub-step
App CustomizationFuture functionality
Browser ConfigurationDeprecated
​Client Certificates​Authentication sub-step
DAR: Encrypted Data at RestData Loss Prevention, Data at Rest tab
Data SharingData Loss Prevention, Data Sharing tab
DiagnosticsFuture functionality
End User License AgreementCompliance sub-step > End User License Agreement tab
Integrity and PostureCompliance sub-step > Device Posture tab
Local App AuthenticationAuthentication sub-step
Miscellaneous optionsNA
Secure MicrotunnelConnect sub-step > Gateway Settings tab
Secure Web StackConnect sub-step > Proxy Settings tab
Trusted Server CertificatesConnect sub-step > TLS/SSL Certificates tab

For more information about configuring the No-Code Integration Service for Enforce, see No-Code Integration - Blue Cedar Enforce.

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