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An app icon.


Returns an app's icon, a PNG file.

When you apply policies to an app, the policy console creates a new icon for the app. The new icon shows the original app icon overlaid with a small image that lets the mobile device user know the app is protected with Blue Cedar policies.

GET app-market/{GUID}/icon retrieves this new icon, including any overlay image that has been added. (If the app doesn't have any policies applied to it, the icon is identical to the app's original icon.) For more on overlay icons, see Uploading and retrieving overlay icons.


GUIDRequired. The GUID for the app. To find GUIDs for all apps on the policy console, use GET app-market/catalog.

Example request


curl -b c.txt -c c.txt -X GET \ \
  -o "app-icon.png"

The policy console responds with the PNG binary.

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