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Uploading and retrieving overlay icons

By default, when the policy console secures an app, it adds a Blue Cedar logo overlay to the app icon to show that the app is protected with Blue Cedar policies. However, you can replace the default icon with your own PNG file as the overlay icon. You can have as many overlay icons as you want for distinguishing the types of policies that they are secured with.

For example, suppose you wanted to secure an app for two different types of users, such as internal and external users. To distinguish the difference in policies for the secured apps, you could assign one PNG file as the overlay icon for the app for internal users and another PNG file as the overlay icon for the app for external users. 

The icon you upload must be a valid PNG file.

  • A square image is best: 48 x 48 pixels works well, or you can use a larger file.
  • The policy console stretches the image to a square shape and scales the image to be 25% the size of the app icon.
  • Save the file with transparency to let more of the app icon show through.

Getting the current overlay icon

You can download the current overlay icon from the policy console. Use GET settings/overlayicon to retrieve the details for the current overlay icon:

  "message": "",
  "settings": [{
    "blob_data": "",
    "blob_hash": "df840df6-2771-4b5b-8742-ceb765b9d509",
    "string_data": "48x48"
  "status": "OK"

The blob_data field gives you a URL where you can download the current overlay icon.

Uploading a new overlay icon

You can upload a new overlay icon to the system using this REST API call:

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