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About the App Versions pages

All of the activities on the Blue Cedar Platform center around mobile apps, thus the app is the main organizational structure on the Platform. Each app can contain multiple mobile app binaries—for example, both iOS and Android versions of the same mobile app, or updated releases of the mobile app. The app also provides access to the corresponding workflow. After you run a workflow, the workflow run provides access to the enhanced or integrated versions of the mobile app.

  • The App Versions (All) page lists all versions of the app and is the main control page for an app and its workflow. To navigate to the App Versions page from the main menu, click Apps, then select an app from the app list. 
  • The Import Versions page lists available versions for apps that use an Import extension. 

App Versions (All)

The App Versions page heading shows App List / App Name—as you navigate to each app version and workflow run, the breadcrumb trail grows. On the App Versions page, you can do these tasks:

  • Upload new app versions
  • Create and edit the workflow for the app
  • Run the workflow on the app
  • View the details for each workflow run
  • Delete the app and its associated binaries

For each entry in the App Versions list, you can take these actions:

  • Run the workflow
  • Apply the app binary icon to the App Folder
  • Click the app name to go to the binary detail page
  • Expand the app entry to see the workflow run list

The workflow run list includes these columns:

Workflow RunName of the run and an incrementing run number. Click this name to go to the Workflow Run detail page. See About the Workflow Run.
StartedDate and time the run was started
StageMost recent stage of the workflow, plus an icon for the extension if applicable
Step/SubstepStep or substep where the workflow stopped or completed. Click on the step/substep to go to the Deployment Status detail page.
Last Activity

Date and time of the last step/substep

StatusAn icon showing the status of the run. Hover for a short description.

Import Versions

Under Versions in the App List menu on the left, click Import to get to the Import Versions page. This page lists all updated versions of the app as triggered by the Import extension. See Incorporating automatic app updates from GitLab or Incorporating automatic app updates from GitHub.

App BinaryThe platform (iOS or Android icon) and filename of the app binary.
Available SinceDate and time the new version of the app became available.
Release ​The release version of the app as tagged on the source repository.

A link to the source (GitLab or GitHub).

Click the link to open the source location. If it's a private repository, you must already be logged in to GitLab or GitHub for this link to work.

Import & Run

Click to import this app version and run the app workflow on it immediately, or choose Import from the drop-down to Import only.

Click the X at the right to remove this version from the list on the platform.
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