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About the Workflow Run

The Blue Cedar Platform keeps a full audit trail of each workflow run so you can review the configuration, find artifacts, and see where the workflow has stopped.

On the App Versions page, expand the version and click on the workflow run name to see more details. 

The Deployment Workflow widget on the Dashboard provides a shortcut to the Workflow Run Status when the workflow is paused for a Signing or Approval step.

For each workflow run, this information is available.


Workflow outline and the status of each stage and step. Status is indicated by an icon on the left. Hover over the icon for more information.

(tick) Successfully completed. A gray version of this icon means the step was successfully skipped, for example, an Import step would be skipped if the binary was imported via an earlier run.

(info) Information, such as the workflow being paused for signing

(warning) There are issues, such as a step being canceled 

(error) Error; workflow stopped

Some steps may include a link:

  • Binary: link to the app binary details for this version.
  • Download/Upload arrows: download the binary for signing, then upload it to add the signed version back to the workflow.
  • Approve/Deny: A user on the approval list can click Approve to move the app to the next step or stage.

A view of the workflow that shows how each step was configured when this workflow run executed. Even if the current workflow has been updated since this workflow run executed, you can still see the historic configuration. This might be a helpful reference if you want to roll back to an earlier iteration of the workflow configuration.

This view is similar to the workflow builder page, but does not allow you to edit. You can click on each step to see its configuration details.


Any artifacts produced during each stage of the workflow run. Artifacts are organized into these groups:

  • Binaries: All new binaries generated during the workflow and available for download.  
  • Signing bundles: Zip files containing an app binary ready for signing on a local signing server. See Signing apps.  
  • Any additional files produced with the app enhancement step are listed in the Associated Files section. 
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