Distribution refers to the process of uploading a signed and modified app to an app catalog or a corporate Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform. In Blue Cedar workflows, distribution occurs in the Testing and Production stages in a workflow.

A distribution can be to a live app catalog or to a test environment. Distributing to a live app catalog is also called deployment or production rollout. You can create multiple configurations for the same type of distribution, for example a BlackBerry UEM for test and one for production.

When you set up distribution on the Blue Cedar Platform, first configure the Blue Cedar extension that matches your intended distribution platform, and then add the matching type of distribution step to a workflow. For example, to distribute a mobile app to BlackBerry's Unified Endpoint Manager (UEM), you would first configure the BlackBerry UEM extension, and then add a step for Distribution to BlackBerry UEM to a workflow associated with that mobile app. See Configuring extensions and the Distribution steps under Step catalog for more information.