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App Requirements, Restrictions and Limitations


App Extensions

Blue Cedar does not support iOS app extensions. iOS applications that utilize app extensions can be uploaded into the Blue Cedar Platform, however when the app is enhanced with any of the security control integrators (Enforce, BlackBerry or Microsoft Intune) the app extensions will be stripped from the resulting binary. This may have an impact on how your app behaves after modifying the app.


Obfuscated and Minified Apps

Android apps can be minified and obfuscated by Android Studio at the time the app is compiled. The resulting app will have any unused code stripped from it and it’s method and function names minified. These minified apps will not properly run after the app is enhanced with any of the security control integrators (Enforce, BlackBerry or Microsoft Intune). Please see Google’s documentation regarding app minification for more information

To properly enhance the application you have two choices on how to provide your Android app.

  1. Disable the code minification process in your Android build. You can then upload the non-obfuscated, non-minified apk file to the Blue Cedar Platform. This will allow the app to be properly processed. This would be the preferred option as you will be able to perform this app integration without requiring assistance from the Blue Cedar support team.

  2. Provide the minified apk file along with it’s corresponding mapping.txt file that is produced during the app compilation. This file is output as part of the Android bundle. Android Studio saves the file in the <module-name>/build/outputs/mapping/<build-type>/ directory.

    Caution: The mapping.txt file studio generates is overwritten every time you build your project, so you must carefully save a copy each time you publish a new release.

    Currently the Blue Cedar Platform does not have a mechanism to upload the mapping.txt to the associated apk binary. Please contact the Customer Success team at for assistance.

Android Architectures

Android allows for the support for numerous 32-bit and 64-bit architectures (ABIs). Please see the following link for more information: Android ABIs

  • armeabi-v7a (32-bit)

  • arm64-v8a

  • x86 (32-bit)

  • x86_64

The more architectures that are incorporated into the apk binary will result in a larger file size. When Blue Cedar enhances and Android app with any of the security control integrators (Enforce, BlackBerry or Microsoft Intune) we must apply code for each specific architecture included in the binary. This will result in a significantly larger final app binary. We recommend removing any ABI architectures that are not absolutely required before uploading the binary for processing.

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