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BlackBerry Dynamics

BlackBerry Dynamics is a set of SDKs that create a secure container for mobile apps. A number of app-level security controls can be configured for mobile app that have the BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs. These mobile apps are manageable by BlackBerry UEM.

The Blue Cedar Enhance service can be configured to add BlackBerry Dynamics to an already compiled mobile app without requiring code to be written.

Refer to App Enhancement - BlackBerry for information on how to add BlackBerry Dynamics functionality to a mobile app.

Enhance for BlackBerry (No-Code App Security Integration) provides information on the BlackBerry Dynamics features that are available when you use the Enhance service to integrate mobile apps with BlackBerry Dynamics.

Distribution - BlackBerry UEM provides information on using the Blue Cedar Platform to publish a mobile app to your BlackBerry UEM instance.

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