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Distribution - Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center is where you manage the Intune service and deploy apps to users. On the Blue Cedar Platform, use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager step to publish the app automatically to your Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. You can also choose manual download to prepare the app for Endpoint Manager distribution without automatically pushing it.


Microsoft Intune subscription

Include an Intune step in the App Enhancement stage of your workflow.

Enable the Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension (required for automatic or manual deployment).

(Optional) To use automatic deployment, configure the Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension for your Microsoft Endpoint Manager instance.

  • Testing
  • Production

Using this step in a workflow

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager step is available for Intune-enabled apps when you have enabled the Microsoft Endpoint Manager distribution extension. To use automatic push, create a configuration in the extension for your Microsoft Endpoint Manager instance. See Extension - Microsoft Endpoint Manager  for details. 

Manual download notes

No extension configuration is required for manual download, but you do need to enable the extension for the step to be available. If you want to manually publish the app to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager, you need an account with Intune administrator privileges.

In the workflow builder for your app:

  • Add the Testing or Production stage.
  • Add the Microsoft Endpoint Manager step to each relevant stage.

Click on the options gear icon next to Microsoft Endpoint Manager in the workflow outline. Configure the options:

  • Automatic push: Publish the app to a Microsoft Endpoint Manager instance. Choose a configuration from the menu.​ The menu includes all configurations defined in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension for your organization. See Automatically deploying Intune-enabled apps for more details.
  • Manual download: Prepare the app for Microsoft Endpoint Manager distribution, but do not publish. When the workflow run is complete, you can download the prepared app from the workflow run's artifacts.
Display Name

The default app display name is pre-filled from the Microsoft Intune step in the App Enhancement stage, where the Azure AD Application ID specifies the mobile app registration in the Microsoft admin center (see App Enhancement - Microsoft Intune). You can choose to override the display name here. It should match the Display Name in the Azure Active Directory admin center.

Mobile Provisioning Profile

iOS only. Optional, but recommended. Provisioning profiles are matched to your distribution certificate and allow you to create apps that your users can run on their devices. Providing the provisioning profile here allows the Blue Cedar Platform to better validate your workflow.

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