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Extension - Microsoft Endpoint Manager

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension provides the distribution service to publish apps to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center. The Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center is where you manage the Intune service and deploy apps to users. Enabling this extension gives you access to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager step in the Testing and Production stages of your workflows.

Click Add to enable the extension, and then click the gear icon to configure. Configuration is necessary for automatic push, but not manual download.


This table presents a summary of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension—what it provides, what you need to know about enabling and configuring it, and what are the corresponding workflow steps and other relevant topics. The rest of this page provides configuration details. 

Services provided by this extension

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension allows you to distribute modified and secured mobile apps to designated Microsoft Endpoint Manager instances. Use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center to manage Microsoft Intune features and distribute apps to your organization users, who can install the app on their mobile devices from the Microsoft Company Portal.

Extension configuration

Create a configuration with information for your Microsoft Endpoint Manager instance.

Related workflow steps

Add the Endpoint Manager step to the Testing and/or Production stage of your workflows.

See Distribution - Microsoft Endpoint Manager for details.

Other related topics 

Use the Microsoft Endpoint Manager to manage apps integrated with MIcrosoft Intune.

The Intune no-code integration extension lets you include workflow steps in the App Enhancement stage to integrate the Microsoft Intune App SDK. See the extension (Extension - Microsoft Intune) and workflow step (App Enhancement - Microsoft Intune) for more information.


You need a Microsoft Endpoint Manager account with a URL and login credentials. You also need to have or create an app registration for the Blue Cedar Platform in the Microsoft Azure AD admin center. Registering the Blue Cedar Platform as an "app" in Azure AD allows the platform to be able to authenticate to your tenant on the Endpoint Manager in order to upload the Intune-enabled apps. Follow the steps in Automatically deploying Intune-enabled apps to configure the ability to use automatic push in a Microsoft Endpoint Manager distribution step.

Enable the extension

Before users can add Microsoft Endpoint Manager distribution to workflows, you must enable the corresponding extension. From the Blue Cedar Platform main menu, select Extension > Distribution. On the Microsoft Endpoint Manager card, click Add Extension, and then proceed with configuring as described below.

Configure the extension

You only need to configure the extension when you plan to use workflows to automatically push apps to the Microsoft admin center. A configuration requires information from the Azure AD app registration for the Platform, as described in Automatically deploying Intune-enabled apps. Create a configuration with these details when you enable the extension. 

On the Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension card, click the gear icon. Click Add Config and enter the values.



​Config Name​A name for this configuration, which becomes available as a choice when you add a Distribution - Microsoft Endpoint Manager  step to a workflow.

Use the Directory (tenant) ID value in this format:


For example, both of these options are valid:


Secret value as copied from the Microsoft portal. (See Automatically deploying Intune-enabled apps.)

Client IDApplication (client) ID as copied from the Microsoft portal. 

Next steps

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager extension is now available for workflows. When you add the Microsoft Endpoint Manager step to a workflow, choose the instance as configured above.

Related topics

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