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Extension - GitHub

The GitHub extension allows you to import mobile apps directly from GitHub into the Blue Cedar Platform, using Blue Cedar's GitHub Import service. Enabling this extension gives you access to the Import - GitHub step to the Setup & Analysis stage of your workflows, and allows you to detect from the Dashboard when new app binaries are available for import into your Blue Cedar Platform account. Click Add to enable, and click the gear icon to configure.

See Incorporating automatic app updates from GitHub for an overview of this feature, including configuration steps on and on the Blue Cedar Platform.


This table presents a summary of the GitHub extension—what it provides, what you need to know about enabling and configuring it, and what are the corresponding workflow steps and other relevant topics. The rest of this page provides configuration details for the extension. 

Services provided by this extension

The GitHub import extension provides access to Blue Cedar's Import service, which allows you to import mobile apps from GitHub to the Blue Cedar Platform.

Extension configuration

Create a configuration for each repository on that you want to import from. These repositories can be private, in which case you need to add a personal access token to the configuration, or public.

Related workflow steps

Add an Import from GitHub step to the Setup & Analysis stage of your workflow.

See Import from GitHub for details about the workflow step.

Other related topics 

In addition to configuring the GitHub import extension and including the GitHub step in a workflow, the Import widget on the Dashboard lets you know when a new version of the app is ready for import from GitHub. You can set up a webhook for private repos to send an event notice to the Blue Cedar Platform, or you can manually check for updates for all configured apps via the Dashboard.

See Using the Dashboard bakIncorporating automatic app updates from GitHub, and Getting app binaries into the Blue Cedar Platform bak for more details.


GitHub is a code hosting platform for collaboration and distribution. It is also a continuous integration tool for building, testing, and distributing app binaries. 

You need to have or create an organization on If you want to see proactive alerts on the Dashboard of the Blue Cedar Platform, you also need to request a Personal Access Token from the mobile app developer.

Enable GitHub

From the Blue Cedar Platform main menu, select Extensions > Import. The platform shows the available extensions. 

Before users can add Import to workflows, you must enable an Import extension. On the Import page > GitHub card, click Add Extension.

Configure GitHub

The GitHub extension supports GitHub repositories on, including public and private repositories. It does not currently support GitHub Enterprise repositories, that is, repositories on your on-premises version of GitHub. 

Setting up a configuration for the public GitHub site

To subscribe to a repository on, you need:

  • Organization name
  • Personal Access Token (required to access private repositories)
  • Name of repository where the app binary lands

On the GitHub card on the Blue Cedar Platform, enabled above, click the gear icon.

For projects:

  • Click Add GitHub Config to open a dialog.
  • Enter the GitHub Organization Name (which is separate from the Blue Cedar Platform organization).
  • Enter your Personal Access Token, and click Continue.
  • Choose which repositories from the organization's list to subscribe to.

Give each configuration a name: these names are available as choices when you add a GitHub step to a workflow.

Next steps

The GitHub extension is now available in the Setup & Analysis stage of workflows. When you add Import from GitHub to a workflow, choose the configuration as configured above.

Related topics

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