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Running a workflow

Once you have included and configured your workflow on the app's workflow page, the "Ready to run" message indicates that the workflow can be run. This message means that required configurations and stages are included. 

To run the workflow on a single version of the application:

  • From the App Versions page, choose a version of the app, and click Run Workflow. (If Run Workflow is inactive, the workflow is already running or is not ready to run. Hover over the label for clarification.)

To run the workflow on all versions of the app at once:

  • From the App Versions page, select Actions > Run All Workflows. This action runs the current workflow on all valid versions of the app.

Workflows only run on binaries that have not been integrated: if you uploaded an integrated version of the app, you cannot run a workflow on that version. 

Depending on the specific workflow activities and the size and complexity of the app, a workflow run can take several minutes. 

A Workflow Run is an execution of a workflow. You can view the status and results of each step in your workflow, debug and re-run a failed workflow, and download artifacts. 

Viewing workflow run history

Under the app version on the App Versions page, you can follow the progress of the workflow run and a list of each run.

Action menu (down arrow)Includes actions to cancel the run or to delete the run. Deleting the run deletes all the artifacts associated with the run.
Workflow Run

‚ÄčName of the run with an incrementing run number. Click on the workflow run name to go to the Workflow Run detail (deployment status) page.

StartedDate and time the run was started.
StageMost recent stage of the workflow, plus an icon for the extension if applicable.
StepStep where the workflow stopped or completed. Click on the step to go to the Deployment Status page for this run.
Last ActivityDate and time of the last step.
StatusAn icon representing the status of the workflow run.  

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