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Using services

A service represents a specific area of functionality. Each service is enabled through a corresponding extension on the Blue Cedar Platform. For example, there are separate import services for apps in GitHub and GitLab, and each of these services has an associated extension that you can configure. Any workflow steps associated with that service won't appear in the workflow builder until the corresponding extension is enabled and fully configured as described in Configuring extensions. Some services involve integrating with third-party functionality, while others allow you to integrate your mobile app with enhanced functionality provided by Blue Cedar.

On the Blue Cedar Platform, look for Extensions on the left-hand navigation menu. These listings are categories. Click each category to see the available extensions, which appear as cards on an extension screen underneath the selected category.

ImportGitHubEnables new app release to be imported from GitHub public or private code repositories.

GitLabEnables new app release to be imported from GitLab public or private code repositories.
No-Code IntegrationBlackBerry DynamicsIntegrates the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK in a post-development app without coding. Always enabled.
Scanning & AnalysisApp-Ray Analysis

Scans a mobile app binary for security vulnerabilities and provides a detailed on-screen report.

SigningExternal Signing by Blue CedarAllows you to complete external iOS app signing using Blue Cedar functionality.
DistributionBlackBerry UEMDistributes a modified mobile app binary to a BlackBerry app catalog.
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