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Workflow concepts

On the Blue Cedar Platform, a workflow defines the structured execution a mobile app deployment process. The components of a workflow are stages, steps, and sub-steps. Apps and workflows go together. In order to do anything on the Blue Cedar Platform, every App must have a Blue Cedar workflow associated with it. Each App can only be associated with one workflow at a time.

To build a workflow for an app, choose from a list of pre-defined workflow stages, steps, and sub-steps. The elements are hierarchical: stages contain steps, and steps may contain sub-steps. The type of stage or step selected determines what further selections are available. You might also need to enable or configure specific Blue Cedar extensions as described in Configuring extensions.

  • Stages are used to logically group together a set of activities in a Blue Cedar workflow that all occur within the same app state or environment. For example, there are stages for analysis and scanning, enhancements via no-code integration, testing, or production and distribution.
  • Steps are activities performed on an app to progress it through a Blue Cedar workflow. Steps are all pre-defined and available based on which Blue Cedar extensions are enabled, and which stage you're in. For example, you can add a step to integrate an SDK within an App Enhancement stage, or add an Approval step at any point within a workflow.

Within a single workflow, you are free to choose the stages and steps that work for you. Note the following:

  • None of the stages or steps are required, although some workflows won’t make sense without some sort of steps for integration or distribution.
  • Blue Cedar enforces an order to stages or steps where appropriate. For example, you are required to have an App Enhancement stage.
  • Some steps are only available within certain workflow stages.

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