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What is an App?

Within the Blue Cedar online platform, the term “App” is a UI convention used to describe an organizational feature. An App as it appears on the App Folders page is a logical container, similar to a folder where you can upload numerous versions of an app binary (iOS and Android)

App binaries can come from an internal development team or a third party vendor: for example, a commercial app you organization purchased, or a binary file produced from a development environment. If you’re an app developer, you can create your own apps and distribute them through a commercial app store, or share them with other developers through an open-source repository such as GitHub.

The challenges for mobile app after-market modification include obtaining the source code, hiring developers, or paying an app vendor to integrate your additional features or third-party SDKs into their product. It’ll takes time and expense, and every third-party SDK version change could mean additional development. Signing a modified app so that it can be installed on a mobile device is also necessary. That’s where Blue Cedar’s no-code integration can accelerate your mobile app deployment. Even more than no-code integration alone, it's it is also the automation and orchestration of all the other deployment activities that speeds things along. 

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