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Configuring the DAR profile (UI)

Configuring the Encrypted Data at Rest profile

To protect the app data before saving it on the mobile device, use a DAR profile. (See  Policy profiles  for general information about managing policy profiles.)

Click Apps, then Android or iOS, then the app you want to secure. The App details screen appears.

Click the settings gear on the Encrypted Data at Rest panel. The Policy details page appears, where you can create a new profile or edit an existing profile. 

Click + Encrypted Data at Rest Profile to create a new profile, or click the View/Edit profile icon next to an existing Encrypted Data at Rest profile. The Profile details page appears.

Name the profile, and apply these Advanced policy options if directed by Blue Cedar Support:

Policy optionDescription

Encryption is not applied to the listed files:

Location menu:

  • Sandbox: Common area on iOS and Android for files internal to the app.
  • SD Card: Area for Android apps to write files for external storage.

File or Path Pattern:

  • Paths/filenames to match. The * wildcard matches any string, including paths and ".".
Use NULL Cipher (Debug)Used for debugging per direction of Support; disables confidentiality.

Intercept Foundation (iOS only)

Used for debugging per direction of Support; disables Objective C interception layer.

Click Save changes. This profile is available when you apply the Encrypted Data at Rest policy to secure an app.

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