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Policy profiles

A policy profile is a collection of settings that can be applied with a policy. For example, when you apply the Secure Microtunnel policy to an app, you choose a Secure Microtunnel profile that specifies the server, protocol, authentication method, and other settings used by the app’s Secure Microtunnel.

All Blue Cedar policies except FIPS and App Store Compatibility are profile-based. The Browser Configuration policy, which applies only to the special Compass app, also uses profiles. See Browser Configuration for details. 

A master policy is a collection of individual policies. A master policy profile provides a streamlined way to apply the same set of policies to multiple apps. See Master policy profiles for details.

Use a signing profile to specify the app-signing parameters. Unlike a policy profile, which is a collection of settings that can be applied with a policy to inject an app with security, a signing profile is a collection of code signing parameters. These parameters are different for iOS and Android signing. Signing profiles cannot be included in master policy profiles. See Using and configuring signing profiles for details.

Manage any of these profiles via the web interface (UI) or the REST API:

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