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End User License Agreement

The End User License Agreement (EULA) policy lets you display a message, such as a disclaimer or license agreement, when users launch an app (or the first app in a set of grouped apps). The user must accept the agreement before using the app. 

The Mobile User Experience

The first time users launch the app, they see the message you chose for the device's locale. Users must scroll to the bottom of the message and tap "I Agree" before they can use the app. If they do not want to accept the agreement, they can tap "I Disagree" to close the app. In most cases, after users accept the message and open the app, they won’t see the message again for a period of time (set in the policy profile). 

Users need to accept the EULA again in these cases:

  • If users launch the app after the prompt frequency time has passed.
  • If the EULA changes since the user originally agreed to it.
  • If the device language changes and the app includes an appropriate EULA for that language.
  • If the app also includes Local App Authentication, and a user closes the app after agreeing to the EULA but before creating a local authentication passcode.

Use the policy profile to set the prompt frequency time in months and/or days to require the user to re-accept the EULA. The EULA policy adds the number of months and the number of days together to determine when to re-prompt the user to accept the EULA. (A "month" is 30 days.)

  • To require the user to accept the EULA daily, set the prompt frequency to every 1 day.
  • To require the user to accept the EULA every 60 days, set the prompt frequency to every 2 months.
  • To require the user to accept the EULA every 100 days, set the prompt frequency to every 3 months, 10 days.

Manage EULA profiles via the web interface (UI) or the REST API:

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