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Making changes to apps

When you deploy a new version or apply different policies to an app, you create an updated app that your users can download to their mobile devices.

Managing app updates

To distribute a new version of an app to your users:

  • Upload the new version to the console.
  • Apply the policies you want to the app.
  • Upload the new version of the app to the app store.
  • Users then install the new version—it isn’t automatically pushed to their devices.

The console keeps a copy of the original app you uploaded, and applies policies to that clean copy. You don't need to upload the app again when you want to apply different policies to it.

Updating an app

To add a new version of the app to the Policy Console:

Click Apps, then the appropriate tab (Android or iOS).

Click Upload New App.

Click Choose File, select the app file (IPA or APK file) to upload, and click Open.

Click Upload App. If the new upload matches an app already in the console, the console confirms the replacement. The App details screen appears when the app is uploaded.

Now you can apply policies to the new version of the app.

Changing policies for an app

To apply different policies to an app, or to apply them to a new version of the app:

Click Apps, then Android or iOS.

Click the app you want to change.

Under Select a master policy or under Policies to apply, select the policies and profiles you want. (Click the settings gear for a policy to create a new profile or edit an existing profile.)

See Blue Cedar security policies for descriptions of each policy and its options.

Click Apply policies.

When the console finishes, you can deploy the secured app to the MDM or app store. (See Applying security policies.)

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