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Browser Configuration

Blue Cedar Enterprise includes the Compass Browser, which is a secure browser app. When the Secure Microtunnel policy is applied to Compass, it automatically authenticates a user with the Blue Cedar Gateway to securely access any websites that your organization permits. As an IT administrator, you can configure Compass to strengthen its security by applying a browser profile which includes the following options:  

  • Configuring a Web App List to define and restrict the websites that the user can access via the Launch Pad.
  • Configuring browser micropolicies (such as allowing the user to add bookmarks or perform web searches).
  • Customizing the user interface for Compass.

Unlike other policy profiles, which apply to any app, the Browser Configuration profile is only available for Compass apps (iOS and Android). The topics in this section describe how to configure the browser's user interface, how to inject Blue Cedar policies into the browser, and how the mobile user interacts with Compass. 

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