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Secure Web Stack

The Secure Web Stack policy allows you to configure web stack options for web-based apps:

  • Choose the proxy configuration type 
  • Specify the PAC file or specify an HTTP proxy host and port.
  • Enable Single Sign-On cookie sharing with the gateway.

Note: For iOS, the Secure Web Stack policy is enabled by default and cannot be disabled. In addition to the features listed above, it is necessary for other Blue Cedar policy features to work. 

This iOS setting means that if you do not specify Secure Web Stack settings when secure iOS apps, the Policy Console enables the Secure Web Stack policy with a default profile. This default profile does not specify any proxy options or single sign-on options, but does allow other features of Secure Web Stack to function, in particular, client certificate authentication and Secure Microtunnel web traffic.

Note: Secure Web Stack is not fully supported for devices running Android versions earlier than 5.0 (pre-Lollipop). 

Manage Secure Web Stack profiles via the web interface (UI) or the REST API:

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