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The mobile user's experience on the Compass Browser

About the Compass options

The following sections describe the parameters for configuring Compass. All parameters are specified in a "name":"value" pair except for the sites parameter, which represents a nested array of name-value pairs of parameters for multiple websites.

Refer to the following screenshots which roughly indicate how a setting for a browser parameter displays on a mobile device screen.



Clearing user data from Compass

Similar to other major web browsers, Compass tracks data for each website that a user visits (such as caching data from web sites, storing cookies, tracking the browsing history, and collecting autofill data).

However, the user may not want the browser to store any or all of this data. To clear the stored data that the Compass browser has tracked, the user can follow this sequence of steps:

User taps the More Options icon in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. (A menu appears.)


User selects Settings. (The Settings screen appears).


User selects Clear User Data or Clear Browsing Data. The Clear User Data (iOS) or Clear browsing data (Android) dialog appears.


User taps Clear or selects the specific browser data to clear.

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