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Trusted Server Certificates (UI)

Configuring the Trusted Server Certificates policy

Use a Trusted Server Certificates profile to set these options with the Trusted Server Certificates policy. (See Policy profiles for general information about managing policy profiles.)

Click Apps, then Android or iOS, then the app you want to secure. The App details screen appears.

Click the settings gear on the Trusted Server Certificates panel. The Policy details page appears, where you can create a new profile or edit an existing profile. 

On the Policy details page, click + Trusted Server Certificates Profile to create a new profile, or click the pencil icon next to an existing profile to edit it.

On the Trusted Server Certificates profile page, enter the Profile name and description,

iOS only: Under Server Validation, check "Do not fetch network resources when validating certificates" if validation is taking a long time and your PKIs include any components that attempt to access internal network resources, such as Certificate Revocation Lists, Authority Info Access, or Online Certificate Status Protocol records. 

Click Upload New certificate to select X.509 certificates.

  • Click the "View certificate details" icon (eye) to expand the table and display the certificate contents.
  • Note: If you delete a certificate (by clicking the red X), it disappears from the Certificates list immediately, but the change does not take effect until you click Save changes. You can click Reset to discard profile details changes, including a deleted certificate.

When you are done configuring the profile, click Save changes. This profile is now available to use with any app.

Applying the Trusted Server Certificates policy

Click Apps, then Android or iOS, then the app you want to secure. The App details screen appears.

Under Policies to apply, click the triangle to expand the Trusted Server Certificates panel. 

Select "Enable Trusted Server Certificates policy."

Choose the Trusted Server Certificates profile from the menu.

Click Apply policies.

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