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Web Authentication profiles (UI)

Configuring the Web Authentication profile

Use a Web Authentication profile to set these options with the Web Authentication policy. (See Policy profiles for general information about managing policy profiles.) 

Click Apps, then Android or iOS, then the app you want to secure. The App details screen appears.

Click the settings gear on the Web Authentication panel. The Policy details page appears, where you can create a new profile or edit an existing profile. 

Click + Web Authentication Profile to create a new profile, or click the View/Edit profile icon next to an existing Web Authentication profile. The Profile details page appears.

Name the profile, and configure the other options: 

Base Discovery URL

Required. Base URL for the web authentication server.

For example, if the OpenID well-known URI is, the base discovery URL is  

Client ID

Public OpenID identifier for the app. This can be found on the OAuth provider portal where your app is registered. 

Click Save changes. This profile is available when you apply the Web Authentication policy to an app.

Enabling the Web Authentication policy

Before enabling the Web Authentication policy, you must define a Web Authentication profile. 

Click Apps, then Android or iOS, then the app you want to secure. The App details screen appears.

Under Policies to apply, click the triangle to expand the Web Authentication panel.

Select "Enable Web Authentication policy."

Choose a Web Authentication profile.

Click Apply policies.

Retrieving the Redirect URI after integration

The integration process generates a Redirect URI. This Redirect URI appears on the app card after integrating and signing.

To see this information:

In the console, click Apps.

Choose Android or iOS, then choose the specific app.

Click Additional Information in the left column to view app information.

Under Policy Information, copy the Web Auth Redirect URI and add it to the registered app in the OAuth provider portal.

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