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Extension - Microsoft Intune

The Microsoft Intune extension enables the Enhance service to add the Microsoft Intune App SDK and the Microsoft Authentication Library to mobile apps without requiring code to be written. Enabling this extension gives you access to the Microsoft Intune step in the App Enhancement stage of your workflows. Click Add to enable the extension. No extension-level configuration is necessary.

Enable the Blue Cedar Connect extension to enable configuration of Secure Connectivity from the Microsoft Intune step.


This table presents a summary of the Microsoft Intune extension—what it provides, what you need to know about enabling and configuring it, and what are the corresponding workflow steps and other relevant topics. The rest of this page provides configuration details. 

Services provided by this extension

The Microsoft Intune extension provides a powerful set of features to authenticate, secure, and manage your mobile apps. With the Blue Cedar Platform, you can use this no-code integration extension to add these services into your apps—without needing source code or developers.

Microsoft Intune-integrated apps can be managed with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Once an app has been integrated with Microsoft, you can use a workflow step to push the app automatically or download the app and upload it to Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Extension configuration

Unlike other extensions on the Blue Cedar Platform, the Microsoft Intune no-code integration extension has no configuration options at the extension level. All customization is per app and configured in the workflow. 

Related workflow steps

Add the Microsoft Intune step to the App Enhancement stage of your workflows.

See App Enhancement - Microsoft Intune for details.

Other related topics 

Intune-enabled apps can be managed with the Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The Microsoft Endpoint Manager distribution extension lets you include workflow steps in the Testing or Production stages to prepare the app for Microsoft Endpoint Manager deployment. See the extension (Extension - Microsoft Endpoint Manager) and workflow step (Distribution - Microsoft Endpoint Manager) for more information. 

Optionally, you can configure an in-app VPN with the Blue Cedar Connect sub-step for the Microsoft Intune step. See Blue Cedar Connect for Microsoft Intune.

Next steps

The Microsoft Intune extension is available for workflows without any extension-level configuration. When you add the Microsoft Intune step to a workflow, customize app and tenant properties and other authentication options. Optionally add a Blue Cedar Connect sub-step to embed an in-app VPN client.

Related topics

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