Mobile app deployment involves many people and services. Processes and workflows can get unwieldy, so the Blue Cedar Platform offers several ways to see information about apps and workflows. The platform automatically captures deployment data and presents reports on pages like the Activity Log for a list of all of an app's events (see Viewing activity logs) and the Workflow Run for the status and artifacts for a single workflow run (see About the Workflow Run). 

In addition to these reports, the Dashboard is a summary of information organized for a user or role. Each dashboard widget displays information about the Blue Cedar platform with links to relevant pages to take action, such as importing available app updates and taking actions such as signing or approval to progress an app through its workflow.

These dashboard widgets are currently available:


The Import widget presents a list of apps that use an Import extension (GitHub or GitLab) to subscribe to app updates. 


The repository that includes a new release, sorted from newest to oldest. 

AvailableThe number of new versions, including both Android and iOS. Click to go to the Import Versions page and choose whether to import the new version.  
Import...Click to open "Import New Version," a dialog box where you can see which version(s) are available. Select which version(s) to import and which app to import each version to. (It does not have to be the same app container you originally set up.)

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Deployment Workflow

The deployment workflow widget presents a list of apps currently in process in their deployment workflows. The list includes these columns:

AppThe app in progress.
VersionThe App version and mobile platform (iOS or Android icon)

The current stage where the workflow is paused:

  • Status icon: Hover to show the description.
    • Completed
    • Ongoing
    • Warning
    • Failed
    • Paused
  • Stage name
Waiting on

Step that needs attention to progress the app through the workflow: Signing or Approval.

  • Hover over the step to show quick details.
  • Click on the step to go to the workflow status page.

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