Use no-code integration to add Blue Cedar Enforce mobile app security to a pre-compiled iOS or Android app. Enforce includes a collection of App-level security policies you can use to protect corporate while enabling end-users the freedom to be productive on a mobile device.

StageApp Enhancement
  • Authentication
  • Compliance
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Blue Cedar Connect (requires a license for Connect and configuration of the Connect extension)

Using this step in a workflow

In the workflow builder for your app:

  • Add the App Enhancement stage
  • Add the Blue Cedar Enforce step to the workflow.

Enforce security policies are enabled by adding sub-steps to the Enforce step. To use Enforce you must enable at least one sub-step. You can choose one sub-step when you initially add the Blue Cedar Enforce step. Too add more sub-steps, click + on the Blue Cedar Enforce button.

See each sub-step's page for configuration details: